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ONLY CONNECT is pleased to announce a new exhibition,
“dr/op” in Onomichi, Japan.
on 3 May through 22 May 2016
from 11:00 am t0 18:00 pm
at Komyoji-Kaikan
2–1 Higashitsuchido-cho
Onomichi-shi Hiroshima Japan

Press May, 2016 

We place drawings at a level too close to the floor.
Like pitching a tent on the borderland,
each of us draws a line below our comfort zone.

participating artists
James Brooks / Suzanne Caines / Aoife Collins / Mayako Hakusui / Tomohito Hiratsuka / Natsuki Ike / Yutaka Inagawa / David Ireland / Chiew Sien Kuan / Natsuko Kamei / Hochoul Lee / Tomoya Matsuzaki / Kiyohito Mikami / Christina Mitrentse / Mouhitori / Tomoe Murakami / Akiko Okajima / Tamaki Ono / Tom Richards / Hayato Sugii / Martina Della Valle / Boo Sze Yang / Akira Yasuda

Copyright © 2016 ONLY CONNECT, All rights reserved.
Produced by ONLY CONNECT
Directors: Yutaka Inagawa, Mouhitori (Tamaki Ono & Kiyohito Mikami), Hitomi Kanemoto (STUDIO NIJI)
Designed by STUDIO NIJI www.studioniji.com
OC commissioned Tomohito Hiratsuka & Hayato Sugii to create the furniture/fixtures exclusively for the exhibition.
In partnership with AIR 2015, AIR zine and AIR CAFÉ.
For further information:
Tel: +81 (0)50-1537-5353
Email: aironomichi@ybb.ne.jp