Dogs in a Room

25 July-17 August 2015, Komyoji-kaikan
2-1 Higashitsuchido-cho Onomichi-shi Hiroshima Japan
In the summer of 2015, ONLY CONNECT will present OC: Dogs in a Room, the inaugural exhibition of an exhibition series taking place in cities around the globe over the course of the next five years. Each exhibition is a survey of artistic cultural differences and potential conflict and integration within the era of multiculturalism. The shows will explore how pluralism can be expressed in contemporary art practice and how this may be read in a variety of contexts.
The central focus of OCDogs in a Room is to examine the boundaries between individual art works, artists and spatial or architectural elements within the form of an exhibition. In OC: Dogs in a Room, the relationship between each artist and the control they have over their art’s experience by the viewer will be on the brink of collapse. 
The exhibition will aim to create a situation in which turmoil rules and to undermine traditional concepts of individual or communal displays of artwork. Among the artworks, the viewer will encounter quadruped objects created from abandoned furniture and construction materials excavated from the derelict houses on the hillsides of Onomichi. Large wheels will give these creatures the mobility to patrol the space, resembling the wild dogs which prowl the surrounding countryside. Nine artists have been invited to interact with this four-legged furniture and the venue’s history and structure.

The magnified disharmony of the environment is designed to both perplex and challenge viewers and artists, leading to new possibilities in the reading and experience of the work. The overall effect should be mysterious and chaotic; drawing visitors on a disorientating journey which leads them to question how they should interact with the artwork and to what extent creation relies on individualism to enforce its identity.

Participating artists: Mayako Hakusui, Lee Hochoul, Yutaka Inagawa, Andreas Kressig, Nicola Morrison, Mouhitori (artist duo), Tomoe Murakami, Hayato Sugii, Akira Yasuda. 

The exhibition will coincide with the exhibition of UK artist Emily Speed at Room AKomyoji-kaikan as part of Indefinable Cities, a series of travelling exhibitions to be held in the UK ( Stoke-on-Trent) and Japan (Kanazawa, Hikone, Osaka, Uno, Onomichi, Kochi, )